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Board & Working Committees

Please click on any of links below to explore Westdale United Church Unified Board Of Dirctors &  working committees. 

Unified Board Of Directors

Unified Board Of Directors


  • Mary-Lynn Koekkoek (Chair)
  • Sharla Trudell (Secretary)
  • Girv Devitt (Treasurer)
  • John MacDonald (Past Chair)
  • Bruce Thompson (Ministry & Personnel)
  • Mary Jane Moffat (Worship & Music)
  • John MacDonald (Finance & Stewardship)
  • Faye Andrews (Membership)
  • Ian Moffat (Property)
  • Stephanie MacDonald (Christian Development)
  • Janice Davis (Mission & Outreach)
  • Jim King (Presbytery Representative)

Recording Secretary:

  • Tania MacLeod


  • Derek McCrossan
  • Griff Lloyd
  • Nancy McFarland
  • Ross Fitchett
  • Cynthia White

Board of Trustees: 

  • Kathy McDermid (Chair)
  • Mae Smith
  • Ron Dooher
  • Mel Barnes
  • Terry Dunford
  • Sharla Trudell
  • Bruce Thompson

Offering and Stewardship Secretary: 

  • Krista Thompson

Working Committees

Ministry & Personnel

The M & P Committee is a confidential, consultative committee that is responsible for the clergy and lay staff of the church. The committee supports the Church Board, the church community, church staff and volunteers on personnel matters. The committee also serves as a confidential forum for the church community to provide input from the congregation on staff related issues.

Christian Development

Plan and direct the total programming of faith study of children/youth.

Plan and direct intergenerational programming for congregation and community at large under the headings of:  Social, Spiritual, Learning, Leisure & Wellness, Outreach (in partnership with Mission & Outreach committee).

Finance & Stewardship

Manage all matters pertaining to finance, prepare and present the annual budget, prepare Narrative budget for Annual Congregational Report as well initiate, organize and promote regular special appeals for financial stewardship.

Membership & Pastoral Care

Co-ordinate special social gatherings in partnership with the Christian Development Committee.  The Pastoral Care Team offer care and support to members of the congregation and the community at large during times of need and crisis.

Mission and Outreach

Promote the United Church of Canada Mission & Service Fund within congregation membership.  The Committee encourages and offers Mission education, both globally and locally, in the various areas of congregational life.  As well the Committee develops liaison with agencies, groups, and congregations serving community needs and problem areas and supplements these efforts when the need arises.

Division of Property

The committee co-ordinates the maintenance, minor renovations, cleaning and improvements of the land, buildings and contents of the Church.  Also, the committee oversees the establishment of rental fees and the control of the distribution of keys through the role of the Administrative Assistant.

Division of Worship

The committee reviews any major changes in the order of worship as planned by the minister and music director.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to review the list of special worship for the coming year and approve or suggest changes if necessary. 

The worship committee assists the Administrative Assistant with a schedule of lay readers for each worship as well as a list of elders for each communion and ensures that all the roles within communion worship are fulfilled by elders.   It is the responsibility of the committee to arrange for pulpit supply in the minister’s absence.   The committee confers with the music director should there be any concerns or special arrangements with regard to the supply of music.