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A Thank You From Rev. Bev

To the entire Westdale Congregation...

It is with deep gratitude that I thank Westdale United Church for the lovely Celtic Cross Quilt Throw that I received from the congregation upon my retirement.  In particular thank you to Gail LeBel and Karen Lukaszewicz for their gift of crafting the quilt on behalf of all of you.  As well thank you to Kathy Fitchett who found a quilter who worked their magic after the quilt had been crafted by Gail and Karen.  I hope that many of you were able to see the quilt when you viewed my Farewell Worship of December 27th.  As you know the way in which the Celtic tradition expresses being Christian resonates very deeply for me.  I will treasure this gift as I treasure our time together over the last 6 years. 

Blessings and hugs, Rev. Bev